VPN Review – Why this is a Travel Essential

If you want to watch Netflix anywhere, unblock streaming services or change your location, read this VPN review. Free wifi is all over the place these days, but it’s best not to do online banking or enter credit card details without using a VPN service.

Travel VPN Essential Frashen

Travel with VPN Review

VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows people to use public wifi as if they were connected to a private network and can send and receive data securely. This is done to prevent criminals from accessing sensitive data like your bank card details, identity information and passwords.

VPN services normally are paid and can be used across multiple devices like, your laptop, phone and tablet.

Unblock Streaming Services – VPN Review

Hotels, workplaces,  and many other places restrict internet access as well. This can be to stop you from streaming videos online and using up all of the bandwidth, or because they don’t want you looking at specific content like Facebook!

Other websites also restrict you based on which country you are from. This happens with TV streaming services, movie streaming websites like Netflix and on some travel websites to name a few.

Maybe you want to watch a football match or your favourite TV show, but are not at home and can’t.

Fear not, this can all be solved if you know what you are doing online.

Bypass Website Blocks – VPN Review

VPN is useful to protect your online privacy, it is also useful if you want to use the internet without restrictions in countries like China that block many websites.

For one time where you just want to watch an event online, but can’t I have two solutions for you.

Watch Netflix Anywhere – VPN Review

Unlocator.com – This service has a 7 day free trial with no card details needed and no software to install.

Tunnello.com – is a Chrome browser extension that you can download and gives you 1GB free to try.

VyprVPN – is the service I use, which is the fastest and has a 3 day free trial and a special 50% off the first month prices when you use this link.

Also get 3 months free when you sign up for an annual account using this link 

I’m using the hotel wifi that has tried to limit my access, but using these services I can watch my TV show 🙂

Change Your Location – VPN Review

DNS (Domain Name System) masking services enable you to change your geographical location you are accessing the internet from, this is useful for being able to stream Netflix and Hulu while overseas.

Free wifi in Hotels, Airports, Shopping Malls and other public places often prevent the use of custom DNS servers. This also applies to mobile internet on phones and tablets, but some smart services can get around that like Unlocator.


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